“His Reward is with Him, and His work before Him.”

Isaiah 40:10

To: The Sons of God


We began this online ministry, The Ministry of Love, in order to establish a venue wherein to announce the so-called ‘second coming’ of Jesus Christ —that is to say, “Jesus & Christ:” a place to reveal Our heretofore veiled relationship, as Friends and Consorts. And in doing so, We at once created a place to fulfill what The Book of Life refers to as “the earnest expectation of the Creation” [Romans 8:19], through the unveiling of the “Sons of God” —that is to say, through the revelation of the Gods!    

We thank You for visiting Our blog, a forum in which You are invited to introduce and/or respond to a host of topics related to the divinity, equality, and apotheosis of the Gods, including the “meaning” of life, the “righteous cause” of love, and the “purpose” of suffering. If You have not first visited Our website (located at the link below), in order to familiarize Yourself with this project, We recommend that You do so, as such serves as an introduction to Our work.

Thank You in advance for Your considerations, comments, and questions.

Love, grace, and peace,

Christ Jesus

The Ministry of Love


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